Clamping systems

Mounting programme TurnStopLine


The TurnStopLine as a high-end variant of the VarioLine series is characterized by two technical highlights: the positive locking of the central joint by means of a pair of fine locking washers and the consequently further enlarged base ball of the large clamping joint.

This absolutely rigid fixation is necessary where dirt or lubricants can reduce frictional contacts in automation environments. Special applications such as the reliable long-term fixation of vision or sensor elements also require this technology. TurnStopLine is absolutely perfect for highest requirements in the field of Machine Vision.


3D Clamping joints

Every product line of the dk articulated stands can be simply, quickly, flexibly and precisely adjusted as well as rigidly and play-free fixated. All programmes are equipped with our proven, ergonomic star grip as standard. As an option, we can supply the clamping joints with an indexible clamping lever, which not only enables maximum clamping force with less effort, but can also be "parked" in any position where space is limited.

Star grip



In addition to VarioLine toothed indexing discs in the main joint and extra large ball joints for absolutely rigid fixation.

Clamping joint TurnStopLine TS-160 (action radius 160 mm, length 200 mm, threads M8/M8, indexing discs, progressive clamping)


Clamping joint TurnStopLine TS-280 (action radius 280 mm, length 320 mm, threads M10/M8, indexing discs, progressive clamping)

Product description







Device holder

Each camera, sensor and other instrument to be mounted receives a specific device holder, which is specially manufactured by dk. This guarantees stability, strength and the perfect size. In addition, the holes are placed in the right place. These advantages would not be given by universal plates.

  • perfect hold

  • simple installation

Mechanical clamping principle

For long service life and fully main- tenance-free. Power transmission through precision steel components.

  • no sudden pressure reductions

  • independent of temperature

  • suitable for long-term clamping

Protective sleeve (optional)

Protects the ball joint from dirt and lubricating fluids.

  • perfect function

  • long service life

Progressive clamping

With the VarioLine and TurnStopLine ranges, the joints are not clamped simultaneously, but one after the other from bottom to top. The loosening of the clamps occurs in the opposite direction.

  • operating comfort by fine adjustments

  • prevents damage

Strong articulated arms

Due to particularly generously dimensioned light metal construction with rounded transitions.

  • permanent highest stability

  • high repeat accuracy

  • comfortable handling

  • stable with low dead weight

Ball joint

With precise fit of ball and counter- part. 360° rotation and over 180° pivot.

  • high retaining force

  • complete 3D flexibility

Base / Fastening elements

For example, die-cast retaining plates that have an M8 connection to the 3D joint as standard and two countersunk holes for different sized screws. These plates in two sizes are just two of the many fasteners we offer.

  • perfect hold

  • simple installation


Mounting accessories

Camera / Device holding plate

For all industrial cameras, lights and sensors

With metal M8 female thread for 3D clamping joints from dk incl. precise fitting bores, fastening screws and dimensions for all device types and manufacturers.
Please send us the type and hole pattern of the camera or the device to be mounted.


Universal fastening plate

e.g. for mounting on aluminium profiles

WxDxH 60x30x12 mm, for M8 with 2 x 2 M5 and M6 fastening screws


WxDxH 80x40x16 mm, for M8 with 3 x 2 M5 and M6 and M8 fastening screws

Additional accessories can be ordered directly from the manufacturer on request.